Where germs lurk

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It’s that time of year again. As a chill creeps into the air and activities and social gatherings move indoors, germs and viruses lie in wait. Whether at school, home or the office, colds and coughs seem to be everywhere. But fear not, there are ways to evade the sneezes and sniffles that like to sneak up on you during the fall and winter months. We shine a light on where germs and viruses like to hide out plus tips on ways to stave off sickness.

You can’t hide from germs

Even though you can’t see them, germs and viruses are literally everywhere. Most of the time, your immune system is able to fend them off and keep you healthy. But during cold season, the number of germs and viruses making the rounds grows exponentially – sometimes overwhelming even the healthiest of immune systems.

And germs and viruses are super stealthy – waiting to pounce when you least expect it. Let’s explore some of the places they like to sneak up on you.

5 places germs hide out

  1. Door and sink handles – How many times each day do you open and close doors or use a sink? Now think about how many times other people in your household, at the office or while out and about are doing the same thing. Yep, door and sink handles have germs galore!
  2. Cellphones – If you’re like a lot of people, your cellphone is probably always within reach. And when it’s not in your hands, it’s hanging out on the bathroom counter or in your toddler’s dirty hands and definitely harboring some serious germs.
  3. Shopping carts – Think about those busy days at the grocery store or your favorite big-box retailer. While cruising the aisles with your cart, you witness all sorts of scary scenes. Someone sneezing all over their cart. A baby, using the cart handle as a teething toy. A person blowing their nose while maneuvering a cart. No more needs to be said. Shopping carts are prime germ hangouts.
  4. Checkout kiosks – Those same people who were sneezing all over, blowing their nose and touching a slobbery cart handle are now in front of you at the self-checkout area. That’s right, they’re going to be using the same kiosk and touching the same scanning and payment equipment. Frightening, we know!
  5. Money – Germs, viruses, fungus, bacteria and fecal matter – you name it, and it’s probably clinging to that dollar bill in your pocket. And how often do you think to wash your hands after handling money? How often do you think most people do? According to the Federal Reserve, the average dollar bill remains in circulation for roughly six years and exchanges hands some 110 times each year. Just think about all the places that money has been and all it’s picked up along the way. Truly terrifying!

Take aim at germs and viruses

Now that you’re majorly freaked out about all the places germs stow away, we have some good news. Yes, germs and viruses are everywhere and pretty much impossible to avoid. But no, that doesn’t mean you need to don a protective hazmat suit every time you leave the house. There are ways to ward off germs, viruses and the sicknesses they cause.

  • Practice hand hygiene – Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds throughout the day and especially after using the bathroom or being out in public.
  • Clean & disinfectRemove and kill germs and viruses, using soap and water and more potent disinfecting formulas like bleach.
  • Tissue up – Use tissues frequently and liberally whenever a sneeze, cough or nose blow happens. Promptly throw used tissues away and wash those hands!
  • Keep your distance – Do your best to steer clear of people who are coughing, sneezing or visibly unwell. Staying at least six feet apart is your best bet.
  • Mask up – Don a mask when you’re in crowded spaces. During cold and flu season especially, wearing a mask is one of your best defenses against sickness.

When germs and viruses attack

We know you’re doing your best to avoid and combat germs and viruses. We also know how conniving and sneaky they are and that sometimes, they put a spell on your immune system. Haunted by a cold, cough or sinus infection? We’re here for you – providing online care and treatment that’s fast, easy and not scary at all.

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