The top 5 reasons people love online care

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We are creatures of habit – especially when it comes to healthcare. But more and more people are open to trying out a new way of getting treatment – online care.

For the half a million visits that we’ve sent from our online clinic, these are the top reasons customers are hooked.

1. Easy

Health care is known for being complicated. We’ve removed all the steps and language that make you feel exhausted before you even see the doctor.

2. Wallet-friendly

Visits are $59. Transparent pricing is the way we roll so there’s no surprises and this costs 4 times less than going to a typical clinic or Urgent Care.

3. The practitioners

Yep, even though it’s online, there’s a human connection. You’re supported from beginning to end by real people.

4. Timesaver

For busy people, and we think that’s basically everyone, an online visit can save hours. Skip the drive, skip the appointment, and your day doesn’t have to be derailed.

5. No waiting rooms

This one is especially loved by the germaphobes among us. It’s not easy to watch the 4 year old wipe his nose and then touch every surface in a 2 mile radius. We’ve got you.

Curious to see how this works? It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried this sooner.

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