The top 5 scariest conditions Virtuwell treats

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You shouldn’t be afraid to go to the doctor, but sometimes healthcare can be scary. Have you ever wondered what the spookiest virtuwell conditions are? Read on if you dare.

Flesh eating zombies

Ugh, the undead eating your skin? No thanks. Zombies can be hiding anywhere. They could be among your family, your classmates, at your daycare - you can never be too careful. When they attack, they usually catch you off guard, eating your flesh by burrowing into your skin, munching away on your body and then laying their eggs. Hang on, eggs? Gah, not zombies, I mean scabies. Scabies are tiny insects that burrow into your skin and lay eggs. Still disgusting, right? And still flesh eating monsters, just not as deadly, and at least scabies is treated by virtuwell.

Vampire bites

Is there anything worse than vampires? Those blood sucking fiends are a nightmare, always looking for a fresh feast. They live off blood and will sink their teeth into your flesh and gorge themselves, often swelling to multiple times their original size. As if that weren’t bad enough, they can also spread Lyme disease through their bites. Wait, hold on - not vampires. Sorry, we mean deer ticks. We treat deer tick bites at virtuwell, we got mixed up for a second there. If you get bitten by a vampire, go to the ER for sure.

If you fall victim to this, nobody will hear you scream

Your flashlight goes dead and suddenly you’re alone in the dark. You try to call to your friends but when you open your month, no sound comes out. You try to scream but all you get is a deathly silence. That’s right, you’ve contracted laryngitis, also known as losing your voice. Laryngitis happens when your voice box (larynx) becomes inflamed. This can be from overuse, irritation or even infection. OK, maybe it’s not that scary but it can really put a damper on your Halloween. How are you going to yell “trick or treat” if you can’t talk? Worse yet, symptoms can include a sore or dry throat, which will really slow down your candy eating. Good news, if you feel a sore throat coming on, virtuwell can help. We’ll soon have you ready to shriek and howl with the best of them.

Blood shot eyes

You knock, they open the door and before you can say “Trick or Treat!” they’re immediately taken back by your hideous costume. But wait, you’re dressed as a unicorn, you’re not supposed to be scary! What’s the problem? Pink eye! Your friendly smile is turned into a gruesome grin with those big red eyes, and people are frightened not because of how you look, but because you’re contagious. Unless you like having candy thrown at you from a safe distance to avoid contamination, you’d better get that pink eye taken care of. You can get started on a visit right now. If you need medication, we’ll have the prescription sent to the pharmacy on your trick or treat route.

Witch's curse

You’re all ready to head out for some wicked fun, you give yourself a quick check in the mirror but then . . . what’s that? Is it a boil from the toil and trouble of a witch's curse? Unlikely. It can be hard to tell, but you're feeling a bit ghoulish as it seems to stare back at you. This could be caused by any number of skin issues. The good news is virtuwell can help you work out ‘witch’ it is. (get it?) Whatever kind of nasty spell has been cast on you, we can help figure it out, in the light of day, or in the dark, dark cloak of night. We treat cold sores, warts, nasty rashes, acne, and over 20 other skin conditions. virtuwell might seem like magic, but it’s just great health care delivered make whatever it is...poof...go away quickly.
So don't let an easy-to-treat ailment haunt you. If you have any of the above conditions, or any of the other 60+ conditions we treat, remember, fast, safe, and convenient health care is just a click away at virtuwell.

However you spend your Halloween this year, be safe and have a frightfully good time.

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