Pandemic Mad Lib

You may have heard about a virus spreading across the globe. Before you start to worry, there are some things you should know to keep safe.

The virus is called Coronavirus because of the (hat)-shaped spikes around it’s (nucleus) made up of proteins.

The virus is mainly spread by (skiing), so avoid (simplifying) and (marveling) while in public. The best way to prevent the spread is to wash your hands every (9 months).

If you do contract the virus, the chances of you experiencing serious symptoms are rare. Common symptoms are (garrulous) (nasal congestion), (wenge) (body part) and fatigue when (activity).

The good news is the medical community is already working on a cure. Scientists say that consuming the rare ingredient found in (food) also shows promising outcomes.

For more information on Coronavirus, visit www.(website).com

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